Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Storm is Upon Us and Looking Grim

As the highly anticipated BlackBerry® StormTM 9530 made it's way onto the U.S. market, many had mixed feelings about this so-called "Iphone killer". First impressions were good, but seemed to fade when critics found the "clickable" screen "awkward" to use and lagged considerably. Many felt that it was thrown onto the market for the holiday rush with so many glitches, and disappointed by RIM's choice of doing so. This past week Verizon has issued fixes to help with the quirks, but as we have not yet received the Storm here in Canada, will many be running out for this stocking stuffer?

Telus Mobility and Bell Mobility will be the carriers of the device, and as advertised on there website, Telus says it is coming "very very soon" with no exact date. As it is advertised in all the holiday ads, it should make an appearance sometime before the Christmas rush. Telus already does have the BlackBerry® StormTM 9530 Smartphone marketed at $249.99 on their website. After seeing the not-so stellar reviews of the Storm, will many want to buy this "Iphone Killer", or will it be the deal breaker in favor of Iphone?

Stay tuned to find out!

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